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Big Rig Belt
  • Big Rig Belt

    SKU: 0001

    The Big Rig is the OTR (semi-truck) of the belt world. If you want the holster, dump pouch, IFAK, knife, cup holder, selfie stick pouch, and all the magazines on you at the range, then this is the belt for you.

    This rig comes with a durable inner belt that can be used as a stand-alone everyday EDC belt. It is made out of 1.75 inch webbing doubled over with a durable hook and loop. The outer belt is made with heavy duty 2 inch webbing doubled over to give you a stable platform to suppor all your mission essential gear. 

    We use the same durable hook and loop you find on the inner belt to line the inside. A layer of 1.5 inch webbing is than placed over the base. This is where our belt is a littler different than other double belt systems. 

    This second layer of 1.5 inch webbing does a few things. It attaches the COBRA buckle, increases the rigidity and load bearing capabilities of the belt and it allows easier manipulation when putting on and sizing the belt due to the lighter, flexible material. To finish it off, we put on standard 1.5 inch Molle loops that will allow you to attach any Molle compatibale mission essential gear. This comes with a standard 1.5 inch COBRA buckle,  but you may opt for the 1.75 inch COBRA buckle with the D-ring attached. 

    • Disclaimer

      In no way do we endorse the use of these belts in any other say except to mount gear on or hold up your pants. Trojan Horse belts were not designed or engineered for use as rappelling or as extraction gear. 

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